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Post by World on Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:42 pm

Please read these rules carefully and follow the guidelines.
Rules for everybody. Do not...
1.) Spamming:
-Posting short, unhelpful comments (such as "cool", "nice acc", "added", etc). This also includes "Free Bumps" for another user's thread.
-Flooding a forum with replies for the sole purpose of increasing post count. This may also be a permanent forumban in certain forums, especially if deliberate.
-Posting comments with little to no relevance to the topic
-Creating multiple threads advertising the same thing, regardless of the section.
2.) Excessive bumping of any thread - once every 8 hours
3.) Accusing Someone of Scamming without proof
4.) Begging; asking for free RS items; asking for a rank or title on forum
5.) Advertising of other clans.
6.) Disrespect any other users.
7.) Buy/sell stuff for IRL cash (RWT).
8.) Use an Oversized Signature and Avatar.
- Specifications to be 350 pixels in height and 650 pixels in length for Signature; this includes any texts and pictures.
- 80x80 for Registered Users
9.) Engage in flaming which includes excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user.
10.) Require Vouches in the Marketplace. Vouches are act of volunteerism. It is given when others feel that you deserve their vouch, not when asked.
11.) Ask for a Name Change. [It will cause confusion among the community.]
12.) Post malicious links or any external links pornographic in nature.
13.) Do not plagiarise any works. Give the original author the credit for anything that you copied from.
14.) Do not engage in Malicious Off-site Activities. [You may think that scamming in another forums will not affect you here, but you're wrong.]
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