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World's Construction Guide

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World's Construction Guide Empty World's Construction Guide

Post by World on Wed May 15, 2013 8:47 pm


World's Construction Guide Construction_Emote

This guide will give you some information about the members-only skill Construction.

1. How to get a house?
2. How to get a servant?
3. Estate Agent
4. Rooms
5. Training Construction
6. XP from quests

1. How to get a house?
You need to buy a house at an Estate Agent, you can find one in Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village or Ardougne.
You can recognize an Estate Agent at this icon World's Construction Guide House_11
A house costs 1.000 GP. When you bought a house the agent will give you a Book, also he says your house is located in Rimmington.
Later on, when your construction is some higher you are able to move your house.

2. How to get a servant?
You can hire a servant at the Servants Guild at the north of the market in Ardougne. A servant can bring stuff from your bank to you, so you do not have to walk. Every Servant needs his own bedroom, so you need 2 bedrooms. Make sure you have enough cash in your bag to pay the servant!

World's Construction Guide Servan10

3. Rooms
World's Construction Guide Tabel_11

Level - Amount of rooms
World's Construction Guide Level_12

4. Estate Agent
You can find Estate Agents in Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village and Ardougne. When you have reached higher levels you can change the style and the location of your house.

World's Construction Guide House_12

World's Construction Guide House_13

5. Training Construction

Level 1-4,
Requirements: Normal Planks, Nails, Saw, Hammer

First you need to get in your house, so go to the house portal in Rimmington.

World's Construction Guide Rimmin10

Click on the portal and click on 'Go to your house (building mode)'...

World's Construction Guide There_10

You are in your house now, you will see 2 rooms, the garden and the living room.
Go to the living room and make some chairs.

Level 5-33
Requirements: Normal Planks, Nails, Saw, Hammer, Cash (If you have a butler)
Let's make some Wooden Bookcases! You need 4 normal planks, and 4 nails.

Level 33-52
Requirements: Oak Planks, Saw, Hammer, Cash (If you have a butler)
You can make oak larders in your kitchen now. So buy a kitchen at the dooropening. You need 8 oak planks each Oak Larder.
This way is one of the cheapest fast ways.

Level 53-69
Requirements: Mahogany Planks, Saw, Hammer, Cash (If you have a butler)
Now we are going to make Mahogany Tables, these are in the Dining Room. So you are in need of a Dining Room first. Per Mahogany Table you need 6 Mahogany Planks.

Level 70-74
Requirements: Teak Planks, Saw, Hammer, Cash (If you have a butler)
For this way you need a Costume Room, so get one. We are going to make Carved teak magic wardrobes. You need 6 Teak Planks for 1 wardrobe.

Level 75-99
Requirements: Oak Planks, Saw Hammer, Cash (If you have a butler)
You need a Dungeon for this way. Lets make Oak Dungeon Doors, 1 door is 10 Oak Planks. This is a pretty cheap, fast way.

6. XP from quests
World's Construction Guide Quests10

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World's Construction Guide Empty Re: World's Construction Guide

Post by Houred on Wed May 15, 2013 9:21 pm

Great guide! Definatly will use it in the future.

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