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Appeals Read First Empty Appeals Read First

Post by Genesis on Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:19 pm

What is this section for?

This section can be used for appealing your ban, finding out what your ban is for or finding out what is needed for your ban to be lifted or considered to acceptance. This will vary on different appeals depending of severity, repeat offences, amounts and other factors. The appeal process is vigorous and has multiple stages to ensure best results are given to better our community and its members
How long do I have to wait?
There is no set time for this section, however we do look over each case so they get sorted out as soon as possible. Appeal times can vary again depending on what needs to be done and other factors including things such as requiring administration input and veto.


For Ban Appealing:

Thread Title: [BAN APPEAL] ForumName
Account Name:
Last date used(by yourself):
Why you should be unbanned:
Additional Details(proof of refunds, links to disputes against you):

For Infraction Appealing:

Thread Title: [INFRACTION APPEAL] ForumName
Account Name:
Why you should be un-infracted:
Additional Details:

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