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Potato Q&A V2.0

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Potato Q&A V2.0 Empty Potato Q&A V2.0

Post by Trevmage on Wed May 22, 2013 11:39 pm

There was no reason to lock the original thread, so uhhh.... Let the questions continue!

1 question per post, you may not post a new question until I have responded to yours.

Houred wrote:Can I become a potato?
You are more likely to become President of Brazil.
spear dice wrote:How did the potato thing start?
Well I can take the progression of the potato culture and play it in reverse. This brings us backwards, closer and closer to the point of potato conception. However, the equations begin to break down at this point which I call the singularity.
Genesis wrote:There's nothing questionable about potatoe.

They are nice when fried, baked, grilled, boiled. Enough said.
I am not sure whether you meant to write "potatoes" or if you misspelled "potato." Other than that, I concur with your statement. 195lHmJspear dice"]Than what's the point of this Q+A if the aren't questionable?[/quote]I have chosen to answer the questions of the ignorant people.
spear dice wrote:So basically you are answering questions that aren't unanswerable meaning that you are keeping people ignorant in the sense that they will never know the answer?
Please vary your diction.
spear dice wrote:So basically you are answering questions that are unsanswerable meaning that you are keeping people ignorant by giving them no answer?
No soup for you.
spear dice wrote:Can i have a potato?
Houred wrote:Can I have a cookie with chopped up bits of potato's on it?
World wrote:What's the point of this? :p
To answer questions about the Potato.
Navzatiny wrote:Does potatoes have a language for themselves?
Houred wrote:How many potatoes can a mashed potato mash if a mashed potato could mash potatoes?
Houred wrote:Can I have an estimated number of how many? Number being a symbol such as this: 1, or this 2: not this: many. Like 1-100? 100-1000? 1million? :O
Navzatiny wrote:If a potato potatoes a potato is the potato potatoed to potatoe the potato even tho he potatoed the potato?
Genesis wrote:

is that what you have written?
Navzatiny wrote:How do potatoes have sex?
Potato Q&A V2.0 16SU8
I PewPewUQQ wrote:asexual reproduction?
Navzatiny wrote:Can you please gimme a potato porn site?

Potato Q&A V2.0 1b4Hy
The Member
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Potato Q&A V2.0 Empty Re: Potato Q&A V2.0

Post by spear dice on Thu May 23, 2013 2:24 am

I honestly think these are very spam attracting and now that i have become a better man think that this should be locked as well. Just imo. Sorry if this is considered spam. Won't be posting again on this thread

~spear dice

Potato Q&A V2.0 Spear
spear dice
spear dice
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Potato Q&A V2.0 Empty Re: Potato Q&A V2.0

Post by World on Thu May 23, 2013 7:41 am

Lol, I am not locking it up for nothing. It caused to many spam.
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Potato Q&A V2.0 Empty Re: Potato Q&A V2.0

Post by Sponsored content

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